Rewards & Recognition

What is it?

Kidco Community Child Care is encouraging parents and other Kidco Community employees to share a story about an act of kindness that they have experienced or witnessed.

The act should be aligned with the company’s core values of caring, making a difference and enhancing people’s lives. The Random Act Of Kindness Award (“RAK”) is our way of recognizing and rewarding employees for making a difference in the lives of others through their kindness, compassion or caring acts.

How it Works

  • All employees are eligible to be nominated, nominate others, and/or nominate themselves.
  • The nomination must provide specific information describing the act of kindness and, if appropriate, its impact on the individuals involved.
  • Fill out the mandatory fields and hit submit.
  • On a monthly basis, an independent team of judges will review all nominations and select the top submissions.
  • Employees will awarded the “Random Act Of Kindness” Award each month, based on the judges’ evaluation.
  • Kidco Community Head Office will send a personal thank you note and gift to the selected employees.


If we all participate in Random Acts of Kindness we just might nudge the world in the right direction! Any questions? Please contact